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Season Update: The effects of the Christmas Tree shortage

Season Update: The effects of the Christmas Tree shortage 0

Christmas is in full swing at Brungot Farms

First, thank you! We are so thankful for such a wonderful Christmas season so far. We have loved seeing you and your families picking out the perfect tree or wreath in both of our lots this year. We have had a record-breaking year, and we thank you for shopping for your fresh trees and wreaths at Brungot Farms.

You may have heard on the news or from us earlier this year - there is a nationwide Christmas tree shortage. We are also affected by this shortage in Central Texas, but it does not mean we are out of trees! It just means that we are running very low on the BIG Christmas trees (above 7 foot).

Due to the extenuating weather conditions in North Carolina, we only have trees 7 foot and above if you have ALREADY pre-ordered your tree. We will not be receiving any more tall trees because of these weather conditions. Although, we have lots of 5-7 foot trees in both of our locations in Leander in Cedar Park.

Sunday is the last day for our Leander Location 12 Days of Hope and Giving Fundraiser. This fundraiser benefits 12 local nonprofits in the area. Make sure you make it out to the Leander Chamber of Commerce before December 2nd to purchase your Christmas tree or wreath.

If you still have not picked out a tree for your home, we encourage you to run not walk to one of our two Brungot Farms locations in Cedar Park or Leander. Our prices will stay the same, as always!

We are open on weekdays from 4 pm - 8 pm and we will be open THIS weekend December 1st and 2nd from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Don’t miss out on finding a wreath or tree for your home!

As always, we are so thankful to celebrate Christmas with your family!

Merry Chrismas!

Aaron Brungot

Santa is bringing Christmas in July to Brungot Farms

Santa is bringing Christmas in July to Brungot Farms 0

Hello Brungot Farms family! 

Only 173 days until Christmas, you know what that means, it’s Christmas in July!

It may be hot in Central Texas, forcing Santa to Barton Springs pool but at Brungot Farms we are in full swing prepping for Christmas. Christmas in July is our second favorite month of the year and this year we are giving away even more fun Christmas cheer!

We wanted you (our family) to be the first to know about our pre-sale. 

If you pre-order your tree NOW, you’ll get 10 percent off using the code 2018-PreOrder10. *(Visit the store to order now)

Not ready to make the commitment? 

Sign up now to be entered in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Each day we will pick 3 winners for either a Christmas tree, a wreath or an Evening with Santa. You don’t want to miss this, so make sure you are following along and enter to win!! (Click here to Enter)

Because you are your family, you are the first to know but we also need your help! People find Brungot Farms online and we want to make sure they continue to do so! Did you love your tree or wreath last year? Write us a review on Google and our website! Tell us about it!

Thanks for being a part of our journey to Christmas!

Merry Christmas in July!

- The Brungot Farms Family 

Why change Brungot Farms to Urban Farm & Market? It’s simple, survival

Why change Brungot Farms to Urban Farm & Market? It’s simple, survival 1

Brungot Farms Website Traffic location

The reception of what we plan to do with the Urban Farm & Market idea has been overwhelming, even with one of the restrictions that we have to only have shelf stable products.

We are having daily conversations with Farms and Crafters from around the country. Just this week someone from Alabama reached out, wanting to participate in the project. If you don’t believe me on the coverage traction, check out this made of where visitors to the website & Blog have come from! ...Read More

Turn city life into a one-of-a-kind online Farmers Market

Turn city life into a one-of-a-kind online Farmers Market 1

Urban Farmers Market to Launch 2017Aaron & Larissa begin the journey to turn their city life into a one-of-a-kind online & urban farmer’s market based out of Austin, TX. There are lots of details in this blog entry, keep following us for Products from Farms Markets around the country, recipes, cost-saving ideas, and more. ...Read More

Brungot Farms Owner invited to Panel of Speakers with Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association. 0

I wanted to stop and spend some time sharing many things that are happening for the 2015 Christmas season. There was many hours of time spent on reflection of the 2014 Christmas Tree Season, and this year, I promised that I would do things different, and better…

One of the things that I knew I needed to do when I began this journey of Brungot Farms, was to include technology in the business plan. Using the power of the internet, POS systems, and Mobility were vital to survival of a business was my view. I am honor to say, that other have seen what I am doing, and want me to share it. What makes this such an honor, is that the people I will be sharing it with, are the members of the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association! The Experts in my view come from around the country, sharing knowledge of growing, and selling Christmas Trees Gather each year in a Texas City.

This year’s conference will be August 21st, and 22nd in Waco, Texas. Saturday morning I will join a panel of experts to share, and discuss Technology and Christmas Tree Sales. Discussing how the power of the internet, Mobile Devices, POS systems, and Customer Order Processing are changing.

I am truly humbled, and honored, to have this opportunity. Taking what I have learned over my 16 yr career with a technology company, and bring it to a live long dream is what it’s all about!

Speaking about technology, another project we are working on is the 35th Annual Georgetown Christmas Stroll. It’s an honor once again to bring Santa’s Village to life, and Stand up a Christmas Tree Forest in the middle of Georgetown. This year we plan on bringing a little magic (aka Technology) to the forest to help Santa’s helpers hear the Dreams of children. More to come on that soon… 

You can follow the Georgetown Christmas Stroll Events at: Georgetown Christmas Stroll Facebook Page

As well you can follow along at the Brungot Farms Facebook page.

The Truth: Behind Brungot Farms & 2015 Christmas Tree Plans 6

The Truth:

I haven’t done blogs in quite some time, so figured I really need to start back at it. First it helps me keep my focus, and second, it helps all of you understand what this Dream really is and means.

I put this HUGE disclaimer out there again, I am not a professional writer. English was the subject I least liked, taking time to read books was forced. Give me a car magazine, you might keep my attention, but my real love was outdoors, in the woods, fields and streams.

So yes, I named this blog the truth, it’s pretty telling I think. I was raised on the grounds of tell the truth, it hurts less than a lie. *(but for the record that is really hard to believe when the pain is there and real) Now with August upon us, and me on my knees trying to crawl past the pain, frustration, Struggles, and hardships, I want to write to regain the focus I had, it is SO very important that I get it back.

Steve Jobs nails it 11 seconds into the below video! Anyone that knows even part of me, knows that I walked away from my Job with a Fortune 500 company, one that paid the bills, and got me to where I am.

(Read More about Why Christmas Trees here)

Working for them for over 16 years I learned a lot, and daily try to apply it. Now here’s where it gets real, I walked away from an empty feeling of I could do more. What I loved the most about my job, the people and the opportunities it provided me to do things for kids, and families in need.

Now we all have heard the saying “The grass is greener on the other side” I have a whole new perspective, it’s not the same green if you think of it in the sense of Money, Time, and Stress Relief!” I honestly think I need to go to the eye doctor, and make sure he consults with a shrink, to write me a better prescription.

I watched the video below, because yes I need some major advice!! It is full of wisdom, from people that have done exactly what I am doing, risking everything to believe in something! I know this pain, stress, trouble, is worth it, I know because its right in my heart and soul I just hope that the people that I would call my customers, believe the same. If they survived it, so can I!

The dream has changed quite a bit over the last 18 months. Some things are much clearer, others I can’t even see straight. I plan to start telling all in blog postings on the website, but here’s where I need your help! If you have made it to this point, you have for a reason. I need your input, words of encouragement, and most of all help sharing the story. Without them, this Dream will die, I am doing my best to live with courage, but every person breaks, I want to see this dream continue to come alive. It’s a living dream, be a part of it, and help shape the future of something AWESOME!