Glenn High School Project Grad Class of 2020 Fundraiser

Glenn High School (GHS) Project Grad was established in 2018. We celebrated our first ever graduating seniors at Glenn High School!  Project Graduation is an event honoring our seniors on their graduation night and allowing them to celebrate their achievement in a safe, drug & alcohol free environment.

Now in the second year, Project Grad’s goals and mission stand even stronger! A bigger senior class means an even greater demand on the organization to provide the safe, drug & alcohol free graduation night!  We want to help our seniors celebrate their achievements and to have positive memories of their last year of high school, not be remembered for tragic, or unsafe events.

Through the support and donations of local community, we will provide an exciting grad night lock-in that is a safe alternative to keep them off the roads after graduation.

In partnering with Brungot Farms, we are starting a holiday tradition for years to come for our Grizzly families, friends and community!  Deck the Hall’s with Christmas wreath Cheer, and Support our seniors

We appreciate your support! Even a simple share is a "ripple that creates great waves" for years to come!

Thank you!!

GHS Project Grad Fundraiser

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