The Christmas in July Giveaway has ended, but stay tuned for more in November!

Congrats to our winners!
Christmas tree: Laura Buckallew, Heidi Ryan, Abby Dowden, Laura Daily, Deborah Hosier, Amanda Gaxiola, Steph Robinson, Amanda Gilbreath, Mary Le, Daisy Williams, Laurie Kaintz & Heather O'Brian
Christmas wreath: Carmen Tydings. Tanya Johnson, Brandon Gauthier, Andrea Thompsen, Kate Mullaney, Brenda Saxon, Christie Lehman, Karyn Monroe, Kimberly Mazulo, Kelly Apoice, Tammy Randall & Pamela Webb
An Evening With Santa: Jonathan Tanaka, Jennifer Thornton, Shanquetta Lewis, Lisa D Troxel, Leana Loranc, Tina Wei, Stephanie Hamann, Angelica Oropeza, Chambra Brumfield, Patricia Jimenez, Rhonda Davenport & Monica Castillo

Who needs Black Friday Deals?
How about great chances to win Christmas trees, wreaths and An Evening with Santa in November?

Brungot Farms Christmas Tree Give-Away

Christmas Wreath at Brungot Farms
Magical Evening with Santa Claus

One entry per person, per Item (one tree, one Santa Ticket, one wreath). 
Good luck! (We promise, it really is random luck)
 Yes, "giveaway" means free! In the event that you have purchased the tickets or a tree, and later win the giveaway, we will credit you back the winning amount of your purchase. 
There is no purchase necessary to win.