A Brungot Farm’s Favorite: Fuller’s Sugarhouse

Fuller’s Sugarhouse maple syrup has become a staple item at Brungot Farms. The Brungot and Fuller families have a long history together. Brungot Farms owner, Aaron, attended school with David & Patti’s sons in New Hampshire. So, when we discovered we could bring Fuller’s Maple Syrup & Sugar products to Texas, we couldn’t wait!  

Established in 1972, Fuller’s Sugarhouse resides in a small town, Lancaster, New Hampshire as a rewarding winning producer of pure maple syrup and maple products. Owned and operated by Dave and Patti Fuller, whom we adore almost as much as their sweet syrup!

Dave learned to make maple syrup with his grandfather and one day decided it would become his business. Learning how to make maple syrup with his grandfather inspired him to keep the business in the family, and involve several generations of the Fuller family, including Dave’s son James, his brothers Ed and Russell, and his official taste testers (and grandsons) Isaac and Trever.

Daily at the Sugarhouse, you will be greeted by a smiling Fuller family member.

“We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, best tasting maple products. Our great tasting products are the result of constant attention to detail and cleanliness, and the right location with the right conditions (soil, climate, and clean mountain air). We love what we do and think it shows in our products!” - Fuller Sugarhouse

Pure New Hampshire maple syrup has greater nutritional value and has one of the lowest calorie levels than sugar or other common sweeteners, and is high in healthful antioxidants, making it a winner in the Brungot Farms book!

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