Lessons from 1986 lead us to Christmas tree decisions in 2021

Lessons from 1986 lead us to Christmas tree decisions in 2021 8

When the news starts talking about Christmas trees this year, you're going to hear some of the same storylines you’ve been hearing for the last few years--storylines that revolve around the Christmas tree shortage. This was an issue even pre-pandemic and honestly, it will continue to be this way for a few more seasons. In addition, there is a lot of talk about inflation and the increased costs of supplies, trucking, and labor. Unfortunately, all of these things are 100% true! However, we have been working hard to negate as many of the increased costs as we can. 

The cost to do business has increased over 20% this year. It’s honestly gut-wrenching to do the math. We as a business have to address the increases, but at the same time, we feel that our customers need a break.

2020 Christmas Trees are here! 0

Real Christmas Trees. Real Reasons. We open for the 2020 Christmas season November 22nd!The 7th annual Brungot Farms Tree Forest opens at the Twin...
  • Mallory Lehenbauer
Confessions of the business owner: Fear vs. HOPE

Confessions of the business owner: Fear vs. HOPE 1

When the nurses came in to discharge Larissa, they said, “great news, you get to go home today!” Without hesitation, both Larissa and I responded, “we’ll sign the papers but we aren’t going home!” We weren’t leaving that hospital while Adaline was still there, we were staying and helping her fight to get better in the NICU. We had never been in this situation before, but we knew there was no way we were leaving her side.

HOPE carried us through this journey and HOPE Wreaths, handmade by Larissa and I, will hang in the Ronald McDonald House every Christmas in honor of the care they gave us through this journey. 

  • Aaron Brungot
2020 Christmas & Pre-Sale update

2020 Christmas & Pre-Sale update 0

This year our pre-sale is more important than ever! The Christmas tree inventory is the tightest we have ever seen. However, we are happy to report that we have trees and even more than last year! But we also know they will likely sell faster than ever. For example, last year we sold out of 8-9 ft trees before they even got here and we predict that this season will be even more of a whirlwind as people will be desperate for a bit of normalcy this holiday season. 
  • Aaron Brungot