Maple March is here, help change someone's future!

Maple March is here, help change someone's future! 0

2019 is behind us and though we’ve taken the last 2 months to focus on family, it's time to get busy! We are so excited that our daughter, Adaline, is here with us now! And yes, diaper duty is in full effect!! Also, Adaline’s arrival has reminded me just how important it is to invest in the future of our children.

10% of Brungot Farms Pure Maple syrup sales now thru May 1st will go toward the 2020 WMRHSAA Scholarship. The goal raise $1,000 for 2020. Additionally, if you want to donate directly to the scholarship efforts, we have included a link. If we can ship maple to all 50 states, we will double the donation amount!

  • Aaron Brungot
More to come for Brungot Farms!

More to come for Brungot Farms! 5

Brungot Farms officially has a location to establish our very own roots in Texas! We have a lot of work to do, beginning with putting in a road bridge over a creek, and land prep, as we have seedlings on the way later this month that we need to get ready for. We are so very excited to launch this huge project! We have a goal of having our first trees available to cut during the Christmas Season of 2023. (Yes, good things come to those who wait right?) This project doesn’t come without risk, and over the coming weeks, we will be launching our very own fundraising effort to keep the farm going as we get to those first trees cut. 

We are working to implement our plan to fund the additional $18,000-$20,000 a year in costs before we get to the first harvest. Not to mention, we are looking at nearly $200,000 out of pocket before we would be able to see a return on that investment. 

  • Aaron Brungot
As we reflect on the 2018 season, we are excited for the 2019 Christmas season!

As we reflect on the 2018 season, we are excited for the 2019 Christmas season! 1

It’s hard to believe we are going into our 6th season with Brungot Farms, and when I look back at the 2018 season, I now fully understand how nearly 50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I wouldn't change a thing. Just Kidding, we have changed plenty, we look back every year, and figure out how we can do things better the next season, and this year is no different. 

I can’t thank you enough for what you have helped us do in Central Texas. 2018 alone we raised over $22,000 for the non-profits we support here in Texas. We launched the Leander location with our 12 Days of Hope & Giving, along with a huge first-year fundraiser with Keller High School in Keller, Texas. We had Fundraisers From DFW to San Antonio with some points in between.

  • Aaron Brungot
Season Update: The effects of the Christmas Tree shortage

Season Update: The effects of the Christmas Tree shortage 0

Christmas is in full swing at Brungot Farms

First, thank you! We are so thankful for such a wonderful Christmas season so far. We have loved seeing you and your families picking out the perfect tree or wreath in both of our lots this year. We have had a record-breaking year, and we thank you for shopping for your fresh trees and wreaths at Brungot Farms.

You may have heard on the news or from us earlier this year - there is a nationwide Christmas tree shortage. We are also affected by this shortage in Central Texas, but it does not mean we are out of trees! It just means that we are running very low on the BIG Christmas trees (above 7 foot).

Due to the extenuating weather conditions in North Carolina, we only have trees 7 foot and above if you have ALREADY pre-ordered your tree. We will not be receiving any more tall trees because of these weather conditions. Although, we have lots of 5-7 foot trees in both of our locations in Leander in Cedar Park.

Sunday is the last day for our Leander Location 12 Days of Hope and Giving Fundraiser. This fundraiser benefits 12 local nonprofits in the area. Make sure you make it out to the Leander Chamber of Commerce before December 2nd to purchase your Christmas tree or wreath.

If you still have not picked out a tree for your home, we encourage you to run not walk to one of our two Brungot Farms locations in Cedar Park or Leander. Our prices will stay the same, as always!

We are open on weekdays from 4 pm - 8 pm and we will be open THIS weekend December 1st and 2nd from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Don’t miss out on finding a wreath or tree for your home!

As always, we are so thankful to celebrate Christmas with your family!

Merry Chrismas!

Aaron Brungot

Meet Brungot Farms new location and 'DO GOOD' effort in Leander!

Meet Brungot Farms new location and 'DO GOOD' effort in Leander! 0

Brungot Farms is always striving to better serve our community. We are excited to announce a new location and way to give back, the Twelve Days of Hope & Giving campaign in partnership with the Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center.

As part of the In the heart of Old Town celebration, Brungot Farms fresh Christmas trees will decorate the area. However, this will not be your average Christmas tree lot; this lot serves a greater purpose, supporting the nonprofits that serve the citizens of Leander, Texas.

Beginning Wednesday, November 21 through December 2nd, Brungot Farms will sell trees to support the Twelve Days of Hope & Giving campaign. A local fundraising campaign in the city of Leander based on a community partnership.

During this campaign, a portion of the sales from Brungot Farms Leander location will be donated to the Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center, and the Christmas Festival Committee will work to identify and distribute the funds to organizations in the community.

We are looking for people to not just buy a Christmas tree or wreath, but to start a new tradition with your family, in turn helping others right here in your community.

Hope Grant Requests will be accepted September first through November first on the Chamber of Commerce website: Recipients of the grants will be identified and notified by November 12th. Sales will be accepted through an online pre-ordering website beginning August 15th at Trees can also be purchased beginning the Wednesday before Thanksgiving on site. The funds will be distributed during a twelve day period beginning December 8th.

Join us as we bring Twelve Days of HOPE & Giving to Leander!

  • Mallory Lehenbauer
The 2018 Christmas tree shortage & what Brungot Farms is doing about it.

The 2018 Christmas tree shortage & what Brungot Farms is doing about it. 0

In 2002 there were an estimated 447,000 acres of Christmas trees in various growing stages across the United States. In 2012 that number declined to under 310,000 (Over a 30% Decline in tree inventory in just 10 short years!) To give you a better idea of how big of a decline that is, approximately 200 Million Christmas trees, about 9 years’ worth of sales!

But, what caused this large of a decline of Christmas tree farms?

Let’s start with how long a tree takes to grow before it can be put in your home and strung with lights. It takes 10-12 years to grow Seedling Christmas trees to the ideal height, (most people purchase a 7-8’ tree), so when you look at the 2008 financial crisis, we are just beginning to feel the effects of the Christmas tree shortage ten years later. This shortage of trees will not only affect the access to fresh and beautiful Christmas trees but will also affect how much those trees cost.

Check out this years tree pricing here. 

Since Brungot Farms first began in the Christmas tree world (Christmas of 2014), there has been an 89% increase in the mean price of Christmas trees. Of the biggest 10 states producing trees in 2002, only North Carolina has increased acres in production (up 31% in 2012). The remaining states have declined, some by nearly 50%. Texas, for example, has less than 1% of the tree production across the US.

Brungot Farms values high quality and affordable trees. We take these values very seriously.  They are important because we greatly value making trees more accessible and giving back to the community. The owner, Aaron Brungot, understands the effect of having to make the decision at Christmas time between purchasing a Christmas Tree or purchasing gifts and food. We want to address that issue and make it a high priority. Despite what is happening in the market and across Christmas tree farms across the United States, through the years we want to keep our prices as low as possible and our trees lush and beautiful.

Want more insight into the beginning of Brungot Farms? Read one of our first blog posts from Aaron Brungot on the why behind Christmas trees.

When you purchase your trees from us, just remember, you’re not just placing a beautiful tree in your home, you’re helping others that can’t do the same!

  • Aaron Brungot