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Your Purchase is WAY more than a Christmas Tree!

Your Purchase is WAY more than a Christmas Tree!

When you purchase a Christmas tree or wreath from us, our HOPE is that you understand you're not just buying your Christmas tree--your purchase helps change your community for the better. When your family gathers around the tree on Christmas morning to open gifts or you get a whiff of a fragrant wreath hanging on a door or wall, know that you have helped other families too. You have helped a family who
  • Aaron Brungot
Lessons from 1986 lead us to Christmas tree decisions in 2021

Lessons from 1986 lead us to Christmas tree decisions in 2021

When the news starts talking about Christmas trees this year, you're going to hear some of the same storylines you’ve been hearing for the last few years--storylines that revolve around the Christmas tree shortage. This was an issue even pre-pandemic and honestly, it will continue to be this way for a few more seasons. In addition, there is a lot of talk about inflation and the increased costs of supplies, trucking, and labor. Unfortunately, all of these things are 100% true! However, we have been working hard to negate as many of the increased costs as we can. 

The cost to do business has increased over 20% this year. It’s honestly gut-wrenching to do the math. We as a business have to address the increases, but at the same time, we feel that our customers need a break.

  • Aaron Brungot

The 2020 Christmas Tree Season was amazing!
Not to mention Super fast paced! 
Say tuned as we are working on the details of the 2021 

The Twin Lakes YMCA Christmas Tree lot is just north of the Austin City Limits

Twin Lakes YMCA:
204 E Little Elm Trail, Cedar Park, TX 78613

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Want to know what a tree will cost you before you get to our lot?

All of our Christmas Tree pricing is located in our online store.
All of our Christmas trees are displayed in open air outdoor displays and are always kept in water which keeps them fresh.

In addition to the quality of our trees, we are known for our Christmas tree delivery options. While we are still offering delivery for the 2021 Holiday Season, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to make a few (hopefully temporary) changes to our delivery process. This season, you can choose between two types of delivery options: the Porch Drop and In-Home Set-Up. We will also be following a symptoms screening process to ensure your safety and that of our “Tree Fairies” to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Additionally, we are implementing a strict sanitation process on our tools and equipment. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DELIVERY!

Want to know what makes our trees different than the rest? Click Here

We look forward to meeting you to pick out your Christmas tree and wreaths this year and thank you for helping us support great non-profits!