Brungot Farms sets up our Real Christmas Tree lot every year at The Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar park, lot is just north of the Austin City Limits

Thank you to all of our customers and employees for a wonderful season!

Our Annual Pre-sale will begin in September 2023, We will open the Lot Sunday November 19, 2023 

Twin Lakes YMCA:
204 E Little Elm Trail, Cedar Park, TX 78613

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Our goal since 2014 is to give you and your family the best possible Christmas tree, with the best possible experience!

Your family's Christmas tree is important to us!

Soon families from around the country will flock to Christmas tree farms to select their real Christmas tree. Others will go to a local Christmas tree lot, big box retailer (such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc.), or local garden store. Millions of people put real Christmas trees into their homes every year. The Christmas tree is a symbol of their faith, family, and journey through years of life.
Like many other businesses, Brungot Farms is getting ready to receive trees from our partners in North Carolina, West Virginia, and Oregon. Teams have been working day and night to trim, tag, cut, sort, and prepare thousands of beautiful Fraser fir and Noble fir Christmas trees for delivery to our location at the Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar Park, TX.

Christmas tree farms are hard to find around Austin.

We work hard to give you nearly the same experience you can get at a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm. We also offer the added benefits of delivery and set-up in your home. There are so few true choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms that people sometimes wait hours to get in and the farms are often nearly out of trees after opening weekend.
We focus on freshness, quality, and bringing the perfect Christmas trees to you! We work with small Christmas tree farms that have been around for years and years because of the special care that they provide to their trees. Each tree that we bring in has been hand-sheared and shaped for years prior to being cut. This, alone, does not make us unique…but the next part does!

The difference, how we take care of your Christmas tree. 

We minimize the time between cutting and transporting the trees to our location. This means that when you pick up your tree or have it delivered to your house, it has likely been cut within days or weeks, at most! Compare this with many big box retailers whose trees are cut at least a month (and usually more) before they arrive at the store. Additionally, our trees travel the country in style! We transport all of our trees in refrigerated trucks where they can chill at a constant 45 degrees, similar to the mountain weather that they’re used to. When they arrive, every tree is freshly cut, drilled (our secret weapon), and placed in our monster storage area that we call The Pit, which holds over 9,000 gallons of water. Here, your Christmas tree is drinking LOTS of water all night and day, as it acclimates to the Texas climate. They are actually heavier when we take them out versus when we put them in!
 We display our trees in water, on custom-designed racks that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. These display racks hold the trees upright just like they would be on the Christmas tree farm. You can walk around the tree 360 degrees, nobody has to hold the tree, and you can be sure that the tree has been on water the entire time! 
Our team does the heavy lifting for you and will freshly cut your Christmas tree again before you take it home, as well as trim the lower branches to the needs of each individual tree stand. (By the way, we carry plenty of high-quality tree stands onsite at reasonable prices if you need one - these are the stands that we use in our own homes, so we can recommend them with confidence). We carry your Christmas tree to your car and provide all the twine you need to tie it down, for no additional charge. And for those of you who prefer not to or aren’t able to come pick out your tree? We promise to use the same care and consideration to pick out your tree as we would if it was going into our own homes. We deliver trees of all shapes and sizes to hundreds of homes around the Austin metro area. We can drop it off on your porch or even set it up in your home. 


Want to know what makes our trees different than the rest? Click Here

Looking for fresh, Christmas Wreaths? Click Here

We look forward to meeting you to pick out your Christmas tree and wreaths this year and thank you for helping us support great non-profits!

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