2020 Christmas & Pre-Sale update

2020 has been a test, to say the least. COVID-19 has flipped families' lives upside down. Large and small businesses alike have struggled to adapt to the ever-changing requirements and government regulations. 

Brungot Farms is faced with the same challenges as every other small business. However, we are hard at work behind the scenes to make “business as usual” as close to usual as we can. Through conversations with customers and organizations that we work with, we’ve learned that the demand for help is VERY high this year. We are hoping that you will help us step up to the plate and bring Christmas to our community through our H.O.P.E. for Christmas Program. 

This year our presale is more important than ever! The Christmas tree inventory is the tightest we have ever seen. However, we are happy to report that we have trees and even more than last year! But we also know they will likely sell faster than ever. For example, last year we sold out of 8-9 ft trees before they even got here and we predict that this season will be even more of a whirlwind as people will be desperate for a bit of normalcy this holiday season. 

Here at Brungot Farms, we believe that Christmas is a time of giving. For the past six years, we have lived in and given back to our local community. When you purchase a Christmas tree or wreath from us, you’re helping your neighbors through our H.O.P.E. (Help Other People Everyday) for Christmas program.  You have supported our mission for six years now and we hope that you will continue to do so!

We love partnering with local nonprofits and organizations that make life better for those around us. Additionally, from start to finish, we work to not only bring in the best quality Christmas trees & wreaths, but we ensure that they’re tended to with the utmost care until you’re ready to bring them home.


This year’s pre-sale code is 2020-SAVE10 and actually provides two options:
1. If you do use the code, it saves you 10% on your pre-sale Christmas tree order through September 30th.
2. If you don’t use the code, we take 10% of your order value and apply it to the H.O.P.E. for Christmas fund that is used to support our local community and their needs. 

Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year to support members of our community as they work to overcome the effects of COVID-19.

2019 was a very fulfilling year for the H.O.P.E. for Christmas program. Hundreds of families were touched through a variety of activities and partnerships:

  • We partnered with iHeart Media to give away 106 Christmas trees to military and veteran families in the area. 
  • We continued our tradition of hanging live wreaths in the halls of the Ronald McDonald House at Dell Children’s Hospital to lift the spirits of the families staying there. 
  • We donated Christmas trees and wreaths to the residents of the LifeWorks Austin Housing Centers, which is an organization that works to battle youth homelessness in Austin. 
  • Our wreath fundraisers raised money for high schools and other organizations all across Texas. 

This year, in addition to the activities mentioned above, we are partnering with the Hill Country Community Ministries and the Central Texas Food Bank to help fight hunger! 

$5 from every wreath sold will go to help local families get holiday meals. For every 4 wreaths sold, you will provide a full holiday meal for a family in need in the community. 

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