Big things coming in 2018 at Brungot Farms!

At Brungot Farms, we’ve been recovering from an incredible year in 2017. Not only did we sell out of Christmas trees well before Christmas, but we began selling farm goods, and gave back to many families in our community!

In 2017 we were so proud to:

  • Raise $5,000 for fun Fresh Food for All Program in 2018 with HCCM.
  • Raise $2,500 for YMCA’s Annual Campaign.
  • Raise $2,000 for Vista Ridge Band Booster.
  • 120+ Families received Christmas Trees & Stands through our H.O.P.E Giving Program
  • 60 Families enjoyed a Fresh wreath through the H.O.P.E Wreath Program
  • Helped raise over $11,000 for a Central Texas Family who continues to battle cancer, and the financial demands that have placed on the family.

We feel so honored to be able to give back to the people around us by doing good in our community. We are very proud to be a business that was able to accomplish so much in 2017, and know we would not have been able to do those amazing things without our amazing customers, like you!

Our amazing accomplishments in 2017 gave us a leg up on the progress we hope to make in 2018. We may have been quiet for the last month, trust us you want to stick around and see what we have up our sleeves!

Christmas Trees

We have several things in the works including, increasing the quantity of trees for the holiday season. We were happily caught off guard by the support customers gave us, and we are working to increase support for you. The “Christmas Tree Shortage” was crazy last season, with Brungot Farms seeing serious growth in our customer base. We attribute this to our prices and quality of trees, along with standing for and supporting the community around us. This year for trees we will increase the quantity as well as the quality of trees, along with keeping prices as low as we can, which will always be our focus.

By listening to customer feedback, we are opening our presale for an even longer time period this year. We will open the presale beginning in April running through the end of July. We will also have even bigger trees available with great pricing. Our trees will go up to 15 ft this year, while trees from 12 - 15 feet, will only be available during the presale.

Whew! And that’s just our Christmas tree news.

Just last weekend, we planted 350 seedlings of our very own. Yes, we are beginning to grow Texas Christmas trees. Along with our own trees, we have hopes of filling a request we have gotten over and over, potted live Christmas trees families can plant after the holidays in their own yards.

Farm & Artisan Goods

We had great success and feedback of our Farm & Artisan Goods from around the country during the market testing we did in the fall. So, we are diving in big ways starting now, in 2018. Our goal is to become a HUB for farm goods from markets all over the country. Improving access, and decreasing the cost for customers to acquire them.

Many hours are being spent on the development of a Monthly Subscription box program to launch early in the 2018 season. Staff along with others believe so strongly in the program, we are currently working on a Grant Proposal to further the development of the program before we launch the first session.

With this exciting news, here’s where we need your help, We are looking for families and friends to help us with the Pilot we plan to launch in March. If you would like more information, please complete this form, so we know how to reach you, and will add you to the email list for the latest and greatest information regarding Artisan and Farm Goods at Brungot Farms.

We love our Artisan & Farm Goods and we want to deliver something fresh, new and exciting to your doorstep every month. We searched and are continuing to search all over the country to find unique and delicious goods. Each box will come with a recipe card and ideas for how to best use these amazing goods.

Not only will you receive amazing goods you can’t find anywhere else around Austin, we will be using this offering to increase our support for organizations like HCCM’s Fresh Food of All Efforts. With every Box we put into the mail, we will increase the funding for those efforts through H.O.P.E for Food. Our H.O.P.E for Christmas Program will be joined by H.O.P.E for Food. Two programs that will give back directly to our customers’ community.

Between increasing the quantity of great Christmas trees and the launch of our Artisan & Farm Good Program, don’t be shocked if sometime in future we announce a second location.

Drastically increase our quantity of trees and looking for a second location, we are beyond excited here at Brungot Farms!

We love our customers, our friends and supporters, so jump on the boat and stay plugged into all the happenings at Brungot Farms!

For early access, sign up for our member club! 


Feb 11, 2018
Patsy L


Feb 11, 2018
Tracy Robinson

Interested in learning more about the Artisan and Farm program

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