Farmer’s crops have usable time frames, so do you, 100 days to market!
Farmers Market

Farmer’s crops have usable time frames, so do you, 100 days to market!

Taking our online farmer’s market from seed to market in 100 days; the search is on for the best local products that America has to offer.


The idea is simple: create an urban farm and market store filled with products chosen by the customers. We’ll travel the country looking for the best local farmer’s market and artisan crafters’ products and bring them back home. We’ll also recruit our out-of-state family and friends to recommend products found on their own travels. Once we have enough products, we’ll have a Sample & Select Party to share the latest finds with the community that will allow customers to sample everything and vote on which products we should carry.  

If you haven’t read our first blog on building our Urban Farm & Market, take a few minutes to do so first.

Late last summer, before Christmas tree Season really got underway, a friend and I were discussing the future of Brungot Farms. He asked me one simple question that I honestly struggled to answer: “What is the Brungot Farms go-big idea?” I have been so happy to finally be selling Christmas trees and that’s taken up most of my brainpower. But really, my dream has always been to create a destination that families could go to create holiday memories.

On our trip back to New Hampshire last year, Larissa and I toured a few local farms in New Hampshire near where I grew up. One of our favorites was a larger farm that hosted a true fall experience—they had apple picking, pumpkins, an amazing café, and a store that was quite dangerous for our wallets! I looked at Larissa and asked her to imagine bringing that idea back to Texas and taking it to the next level. Here’s where the urban farm idea really became the go-big idea. I’ve always wanted my own farm where I could practice sustainable living for myself; creating an urban farm & market can bring this experience to the community as well.

Fast forward to January 2017: Larissa and I have taken many trips to our local farmer’s markets and begun travelling to markets outside of the Austin metro area as well. We’ve been sampling products and speaking to the farmers and local business owners to expand and sell the concept. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! We already have farmers and artisans that have committed to join our effort—talk about motivation!

We are working to secure the physical location that will be home to the urban farm, Christmas trees, and Brungot Farms Backyard, a Farmer’s & Artisan Crafters Market. The goal is to move into this space in early 2018. In the meantime, we will be redesigning to provide a better online shopping experience that will allow you to buy and ship self-stable local products. We’ll also have periodic local pick-up days. This will be described in more detail in future blogs.

We need your help to find products, spread the word, and, most of all, to prove the potential of this concept. We started a 100-day clock on January 6th, which makes April 16th the target date for our first Sample & Select Party. We’ve planted seeds, figuratively and literally, and are ready to watch this thing grow!

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