March Artisan Farm Good Box Revealed!

Our first box is here! Every month we will be sending a box full of our favorite local products straight to your door, but there’s more to it than that!

In the very near future, we want to open a brick and mortar location, Brungot Farms Backyard. In order to do that, we want your help picking out the products we stock on the shelves and ship around the country!

We always want to do good along the way.

Our goal is to put 50,000 pounds of food on the tables of families in need this year, we believe in the goal so much that we delivered the check to HCCM in January. We are working to keep the program going and raise the bar in 2019!

We want to do it responsibly while doing our best to limit waste (aka shipping boxes and packing materials).

In the process, we also want to make it more affordable to purchase the products.

We support the little guys, small batch producers all across the U.S. redefining local goods, Not just items you find at your local farmers market, items that could be found at a farmers market anywhere in the U.S.

We might have gotten a little carried away with our first subscription box... We packed it full of value and some of our favorite new products!  

The value of the first Box? $82.85 and we are giving it to you for $59.95!!!
7 Items, 1 Do Good, and shipped straight to your door!

3 new items joined with 4 of our best sellers from last fall. Together, we launched our subscription service with unbeatable value!

Check it out:

  • New! Texas Gourmet Pasta - $7.95
  • New! Lorenzo’s Pasta Sauce - $6.95
  • Top Seller! Brungot Farms Maple Syrup - $12.00
  • New! Olive Oil - $11.95
  • Top Seller! C&J Farms Seasoning - $7 (Olive oil dipping Blend, or Garlic Herb)
  • Top Seller! Maple Champagne Pecans - $8
  • Top Seller! 8oz White Mountain Coffee beans (Ground) - $9 (White Mountain Blend, Hazelnut, Southern Pecan, and Maple)

Here some details about a few of our favorites:

Lorenzo’s Pasta Sauce: Voted best Italian restaurant in Las Cruces 18 years running! The family owned and operated business started at the apron strings of Mama Gina. Vincent Vaccaro and his sister Mary Ostland are the owners of Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant. By special request, Brungot Farms has made arrangements to ship their signature sauce across the country as part of our artisanal farm goods efforts, previously only sold locally!

Texas Gourmet Pasta: This months box contains one of Texas Gourmet pasta’s best sellers. Spinach, Basil, Garlic Fettuccine.  All of their varieties of pasta are made with REAL vegetables and herbs: our pasta is VEGAN and we never use artificial colors or processed, tasteless powdered veggies. They source most of the vegetables from local farms in Texas.

Fresh vegetables and herbs are blended with Non-GMO 100% Durum Whole Wheat. You get 10 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber in every serving. The flavor is in the pasta, so you won't need a heavy sauce to cover it up. 

You can find the rest of the products here!


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