The Growing Pains of Brungot Farms: May Update

Brungot Farms We have some good and bad news for you. Although, it’s mostly good so read until the end!

The last several months at Brungot Farms we embarked on a new adventure, a monthly subscription box of speciality curated farm goods, allowing us to expand what we offer our customers. We love this idea and we felt like our customers loved it too! So, we ran with it excitedly!

We also took some much needed time to get back to our roots and decide who we are and where we are going! If you know us, you probably met us through Christmas trees and the amazing things we do during the best time of year. We want to move to a place where you could know us year round, and we thought a subscription box would be a fun and new way to do that!

We learned through the building phase of this new offer that it is very labor intensive and there are curveballs with every shipment. Whew! For example, several of our products slated for the May box sustained major damage with shipping, making them unsellable and not nearly as delicious.

We are also learning since the major media coverage in the 2017 Christmas season of the “Christmas Tree Shortage” several things have started to happen behind the scenes (moving our schedule up several months for Christmas planning). Everyone knows we sold out in record time last December, much earlier than we had hoped, with many of our previous customers left searching for a tree. We do not want this to happen again, because nothing says the Grinch quite like a Christmas tree lot without any Christmas trees.

We have always tried to have Christmas trees up until the week before Christmas and that remains our goal. The wholesale market for Christmas trees has been a buzz now for a couple of months, so we are working to secure even greater inventory Christmas trees for the 2018 season. As well as stress the importance of participation in our pre-sale, securing your tree and preventing the nightmare of not having your family’s Christmas tree.

The good news is, we have secured hundreds of more trees for this year!

The bad news is we are forced to make choices and we must divert all available resources to the heartbeat of Brungot Farms, Christmas trees. We are going to suspend our efforts on sourcing new products, and growing our farm goods collection.

But, wait! There’s more! We also polished and refined who we are at Brungot Farms and present to you our brand new mission statement.

Drumroll, please!

“At Brungot Farms, we provide experiences, education and exploration so that families can grow together.”

Brungot Farms: Where families grow together.

With all the changes and the future of Christmas trees, we will still carry what we already collected. We will host a pop-up at the 2018 Old Town Days in Leander, TX May 18th & 19th with our 2018 Christmas pre-order up in time for the event!

At Brungot Farms we are devoted to bringing you goods from family-owned small business, because - hey, we are one too! Thanks for your support!

Stay tuned for our future endeavours, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! We love our customers and we want to bring you the very best year round!

- Aaron Brungot and the Brungot Farms family

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    May 20, 2018
    Robin Davis

    Hey wait ~ isn’t today the 19th of May? I only know that because I’ve been up since 4 am for a Royal wedding, but I’m only getting this email now telling me I need to pre register for a Christmas tree today at a fair in Leander?
    Is that what I just read? I admit to being tired, been a long day – hopefully I am incorrect.

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