Your Purchase is WAY more than a Christmas Tree!

I have to tell you, the outpouring of support and progress that we have made in this year's presale is mind-blowing! We have seen three times the pre-orders than we see in a normal year. 

Here’s the latest update: The 10% Pre-sale discount code will end on 10/24 at midnight. 

If you're looking for trees 9ft and above, about 40% of ours are spoken for; as for the entire inventory we will have for Christmas 2021, nearly 25% is already sold.

This year’s pre-sale code is 2021-SAVE10 and you have two options:

  1. If you do use the code, it saves you 10% on your pre-sale Christmas tree order.
  2. If you don’t use the code, we donate 10% of your order value and apply it to the HOPE for Christmas fund that is used to support our local community and their needs. 

Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year to support members of our community. Currently we are at $3,945.00 in the HOPE For Christmas Fund, which is well on the  way to our 2021 goal of $15,000.

Customers continue to reach out to understand how the current shipping or “Supply Chain Crisis” is going to affect us this year. Currently, the only major effect that we will have is on our bottling options for maple: we have a VERY limited inventory of our Moose bottle. Once it is gone, we will not be able to get it replaced before the holidays. We still have plenty of maple syrup though, just in different bottles!

As for the trees and wreaths, the major issue is that the cost of trucking is escalating rapidly. All of our trees, stands, and bows come from American farms and small businesses. All of those areas will have cost increases, to support the same number of families again in 2021. This also affects the nonprofit organizations that we work with. We’ve just donated $3,000 to Hill Country Community Ministries through HOPE for Christmas and unfortunately, this amount just won’t go as far to source holiday meal supplies as it has in the past. Because of this, we have committed to donate a total of $5,000 this year. 

In our previous blog, we shared with you WHY we do what we do here at Brungot Farms. This time we want to tell you a little bit about WHO we are at Brungot Farms.

We are members of the Central Texas community; most of us have other full- and part-time jobs in addition to Brungot Farms. We are teachers, nurses, school crossing guards, business representatives, welders, and students. With our growth, we are looking for more people to join our team! Click here to learn about the 2021 opportunities with Brungot Farms.

Most importantly, Brungot Farms is YOU! It's so much more than Christmas trees and wreaths. Every year we come together for a few short weeks and create Brungot Farms. What is created over those few short weeks can last lifetimes!  

When you purchase a Christmas tree or wreath from us, our HOPE is that you understand you're not just buying your Christmas tree--your purchase helps change your community for the better. When your family gathers around the tree on Christmas morning to open gifts or you get a whiff of a fragrant wreath hanging on a door or wall, know that you have helped other families too. You have helped a family who is staying at the Ronald McDonald house while their child battles illness. You’ve helped a young family who is battling to keep a roof over their heads at Lifeworks Austin. There are families that are able to gather around the table and eat a wholesome meal, more than they normally can get, thanks to Hill Country Community Ministries and The Central Texas Food bank. You've helped these families have a more special and memorable Christmas. 

There’s even more though! We have partnered with the Twin lakes YMCA and Camp Twin Lakes for 8 years! As part of our partnership, we donate to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign every year. Their Annual Campaign provides financial assistance and support for programs like after-school care, youth sports, military support camps, and so much more. This partnership and subsequent donation would not be possible without YOU!

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