So let me rewind, it was Sunday night and I had been sitting in my chair at the house, after i obviously got a message from the man upstairs about changing my life. Ok, yes there are skeptics that I am trying to pull some yeah sure God told you to do it card. Let me explain something, God’s not telling me to do this, he’s telling me to follow the dream, to get out of my misery and go for the life I really know I would love, would be happy in.

OK don’t believe me yet, so let me explain what happen on the very next Monday, this made me a believer!! Here is a reminder of what I asked for on Sunday night:

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“Lord, I hear your message, but I don’t know what to do. How do I get out of this mess I am in to follow this dream. To make this place that it’s clear I am supposed to build? I need you to show me how, I don’t know.” Amen.

So bright and early Monday morning, sitting in that very place I dread. I was exhausted already because of the events of Sunday night. It was Cyber Monday the 2nd busiest sales day of the year for us. Nothing working in my favor on reporting out the weekend performance so I was trying to fight thru the requests in my email for information. (All sounds normal right??)

At 9:15, it stopped being normal in my brain, it turned into bizarre!  Enter an email from human resources. Sounds like I got in trouble huh… NOPE it was an offer for VSP, known as Voluntary Severance program. You could have dropped a pin, on a carpeted floor 10 rooms down, and I could have heard it when I read that! Oh yeah, and sanded a Hardwood board on my arm from all the goose bumps!

Here are the words from the video message that are burned in my mind. “If your heart & soul aren’t in it any longer, here is a way to change course and do something you really want to do”

Yup, if he didn’t already get my attention last night, he surely has it now!!! And I am sitting in my cube in the office, and I can’t for the life of you tell you if I said this I my head, or out loud. But it was pretty simple. “Seriously you want me to Quit my job????” the very thing I have stopped myself from doing a bazillion times before because I need to pay my bills?

If I didn’t feel like working when I got there, I surely had my day derailed now!

It took me 18 days to decide what to do. Sleeping few hours, having many deep conversations. But I will sum it up this way. What I am willing to sacrifice, is nearly everything to follow this dream. Now with God in my corner, and an employer that is basically paying me to follow my dream. The time is now! December 18th 2013 is when the Dream, started to become reality!


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