“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, where you invest your love you invest your life.” ~Mumford & Sons “Awake my Sole”

Three years ago today, these words helped me make sense of a hard time for me & my family. Here I sat, knowing that I couldn’t make it home in time to say goodbye, riding in the truck to the airport, getting the call that a loved one has gone on to a better life. The words to this song didn’t click until one year ago. It was quite simple, my choices were killing me, making me miserable, and only I could change those choices, repair some of the damage, and make my life better. Here’s how it clicked;

“These bodies” – You only have one, and it’s fragile. Modern medicine is great, you can change parts, like the parts on your car. But that parts still come from somewhere. You can put medicine in your body but there are still side effects, and consequences. I looked in the mirror one year ago, 342 pounds and climbing, 3xlt shirts, 44 pants. I could see my body, looked like my mind, Overloaded, stressed, abused, and done only by myself. It was time to change, and it couldn’t wait! Now last weekend, 290 lbs, lost 16+ inches, button & zipped 36 pants, and put on a XLT shirt. Do I look better on the outside, and feel better Oh yes! I can go walk 4 miles and keep going energized by the journey of the walk instead of sitting in a chair with a TV Clicker & a burger.

“Live”- Don’t go thru the day’s just getting buy. I was going to work to pay the bills, just paying the bills is not a real goal. I had gave up, settled for where I was, and was too tired of trying to get ahead of the system by someone else’s rules. Not happy with my life, I vowed to change it! I didn’t know how, but I knew it had to change, and knew the direction it needed to go in. Happy, peaceful, enjoy life, and the people that are around me. The one’s that you really call Friends, and family. The ones that are there for you, which give, even when they have nothing to give.

“Die”- Every day is precious, not knowing if it’s your last, or the last of someone else’s that is close to you. If you die today, did you live the right & best life you could? Or did you just skate by, live it to the fullest, never settle or put off till tomorrow! Did you tell the one’s you love how you really love them? Maybe you should?

“Invest” – Simply give without expecting in return. I am not specifically talking about money, give your time, your ear, your hands, and your heart. There are people that will just take, and it will hurt too! You have to risk this, one day when you need that hand and it will come. But if you’re selfish, it won’t.

“Your life”- Don’t be a victim, you are in control of your life. Take it squarely on your shoulders and change it. Don’t wait for someone to do it, you have to look up and out in front of you. Grab the bull by the horns, and guide it. Choices won’t be easy, you will hit ditches, cross water bodies, and be exhausted. But when you stop and look at where you were, and where you are now. Smile, because you walked there, not someone else.

Over the last year, I have lost & gained many things, friends, jobs, my health, and love. All of these things can and will come and go. As each day goes by, I realize I am now gaining more than I have lost. Life is real now, the emotion, the events, the people & the purpose, all driving the same direction. Invest your life in the things & people you love, and live your life. Tomorrow maybe too late, so start today. The journey of your life, is defined by your soul, purpose, and passion. One day you will leave these 3 things behind, and I personally want to be proud of what I leave behind!

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