About Us

Created from a childhood dream and nurtured by the peace & joy of Christmas memories, Brungot Farms was founded in 2014 to help keep alive the true spirit of Christmas all year. A true business model focused on giving back to the community while honoring memories and experiences that shaped the Brungot Farms vision.

Since 2014, Brungot Farms has been providing beautiful premium Christmas trees and wreaths to thousands of Central Texas homes through the creation of “The Forest” at the Twin Lakes YMCA. After several years of great success, Brungot Farm now strives to continue serving the community year round through farm goods.

In 2017, Brungot Farms launched the next phase toward building an urban farm in Central Texas, in the form of an online farmer's market. Brungot Farms is redefining the concept of “local goods” by creating an online store that provides farm and local artisan goods from around the country.

In 2018, the main vision of Brungot Farms changed to bring local farm goods to your home, from salsa to Christmas trees.

Brungot Farms transformed into an online-based business and will one day become a physical storefront. The Brungot Farms Backyard will bring a different look to the classic farmer’s market and provide small business and farm owners an opportunity to send their products across the country.

Meet the owner, Aaron Brungot 

Aaron Brungot was born, and spent much of his childhood in New Hampshire. Joining the Army soon after graduation, Aaron Moved to Texas in 1997, while in the US Army, and was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. After completing his service in 1998, Aaron moved to Austin to chase his career dreams, working for Dell Inc. for nearly 16 years. Late in 2013 Aaron had the opportunity to follow a life long dream and open Brungot Farms.

Please visit the other sections, HOPE, and the blog to learn more about Brungot Farms. As well as our online store so you can order products and have them shipped directly to you for a reasonable shipping price.

Thank you for visiting the site, and we hope to do business with you for many years to come.