Giving Back

We are privileged to be able to do many things, and one of the most rewarding is giving back to others. Below are a list of things that will be part of the Brungot Farms vision that allow us to give back as a business. 

Operation Christmas Spirit:

Each Christmas Brungot Farms will be working with local organizations to bring the magic of a real Christmas tree to families that normally go without. The name of the program is “Operation Christmas Spirit” Families will be provided a real tree, tree stand, and a plastic Tub, called a Spirit Box. Inside the box will be several things. Lights & Basic Tree Decorations, items to make Christmas cards and decorations, Cookie mixes & holiday fun to do with the family.

You can help the program, by helping to provide the Tree & Stand, or even just helping to purchase items for the spirit box. Just look for the Gift tree items in our online store at this link:



Brungot Farms Award & Scholarship Fund:

$1 from every bottle of New Hampshire Maple Syrup sold will go toward awarding students and graduates of the White Mountains Regional High School where i grew up. Beginning in 2015 with end of year scholarship & awards for seniors.

Going to this school, and working with Nature on the Nearly 400 Acre campus certainly set me on my way to this dream. Students have completed many projects that you would normally pay a contractor or another business for. With a sugarhouse, Christmas tree orchard, apple orchards, firewood & forestry Program, along with Animal Science and Green House operations. This all on top of the general high school education programs was certainly where I learned the most in my young life.


Vista Ridge HS Band Booster Fundraiser:  

Proud Support of the Ranger Band! Vista Ridge Marching Band Continues to Grow, and we are glad to have been selected to support them with a Annual Fundraiser. 

For more info: Click here