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Pizza Pasta Salad 0

When Aaron Brungot (founder and owner of Brungot Farms) handed me the bag of Pizza Pasta Fusilli at our last meeting I knew it would be a summer pasta salad. I dreamed of pepperoni and lots of cheese, paired well with the olive oil from last months box. Just what you want on a hot summer night, dinner served up fast and easy!
  • Mallory Lehenbauer

Marsala Cream Pasta 0

This recipe is perfect for a delicious weeknight meal. This healthy and flavorful meal is a crowd pleaser.
  • Mallory Lehenbauer

Gluten Free Maple Crisp 0

This recipe is inspired by Fuller’s Sugarhouse Maple Sugar, with good reason! This is a delicious and easy dessert for any night of the week with the perfect amount of sweetness, crunch and zest. 

  • Mallory Lehenbauer