Real Christmas trees take years to handcraft for your home!

Every tree that Brungot Farms puts into a customer’s home has been handcrafted for years.  We put as much pride in having beautiful trees as we know you do when you hang your family’s memories and traditions on it.  We want your Christmas morning to be picture-perfect; that is why we plant, grow, protect, shape, and harvest each tree with the utmost care. 

Just like humans, every tree is unique. Our team knows this and does their best to let each one’s natural beauty shine through. Pictures to the right are examples of our Classic Tree (Left) and the Premium Tree (Right) The Premium has the more ideal shape, and fullest that customers desire. Pricing for the trees can be found here:  [Table Top Trees]  [Classic 5ft - 8ft] [Premium 5ft to 8ft]  [Big Trees 8 ft to 12 ft]

Brungot Farms Fraser Fir Christmas Trees are grown in the mountains of western North Carolina where summer temperatures are perfect, with highs in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s. Don’t let that fool you though, many nights are in the 50’s!   Most importantly, the average rainfall is well over 20 inches per year, making it an ideal environment for these beautiful trees.All of our trees are hand-sheared once a year to shape and groom them into that perfect Christmas tree shape. This yearly process happens for 10 years or more before the tree even leaves the farm! Because of hotter weather in Texas we do everything we can to keep your Christmas tree fresh. Unlike others, we wait as long as possible before cutting the trees down to ship.  On average, there are 25 – 30 million real Christmas trees sold each year thru retail stores, choose & cut farms and private lots. In order to meet demand and have trees stocked in multiple locations, many of the larger retailers start cutting trees early in October. That's 4-6 weeks before it arrives at your local store to purchase! 

The farm where our trees are located does not begin cutting until early November. The unseen advantage to waiting that extra month is that the trees go dormant as the temperatures drop.  This allows them to retain moisture, keeping the needles intact even longer. Because they are cut later, our trees don't sit in storage before they are loaded on a refrigerated 18 wheeler to head to Texas. That’s right!  Brungot Farms trees are shipped in an enclosed, refrigerated truck, kept at 45 degrees and usually still packed with snow from the harvesting! 
After they arrive, Brungot Farms leads the way in going the extra mile to preserve each trees' beauty and longevity. The trees can be very sensitive to the temperature changes between their farm and the great State of Texas so once we open the doors of the delivery truck, we quickly unload and move trees to a shaded storage location.

Once unloaded, Brungot Farms trees spend their time at pool party!  We give all the trees a fresh cut and store them in a huge 30'x30' water pit that will keep them fresh and fragrant until they reach your home. Most tree lots and retail stores never water their trees at all! Another reason why Brungot Farms trees are superior. 

From the shaded storage location, our trees move to the open air lot.  They won’t be there long though, sometimes only a couple hours!  Each tree is unbaled and displayed in a bowl of water. The only time we don’t have our trees in water is during the transportation of them! 

Our team will send you home with a fresh cut on the bottom of your tree. If you prefer, we will even schedule to deliver it to your home! 

Thank you for shopping with Brungot Farms! 
Aaron Brungot