March Artisan Farm Good Box Revealed!

March Artisan Farm Good Box Revealed! 0

Our first box is here! Every month we will be sending a box full of our favorite straight to your door, but there’s more to it than that! In the very near future, we want to open a brick and mortar location, Brungot Farms Backyard. In order to do that, we want your help picking out the products we stock on the shelves and ship around the country! Read more to see what's inside the first Brungot Farms subscription box! 

  • Mallory Lehenbauer
An exciting new adventure at Brungot Farms, Subscription Service!

An exciting new adventure at Brungot Farms, Subscription Service! 1

Brungot Farms is thrilled to share with you our NEW monthly subscription box full of artisan local farm goods.

Some of you have come to love some of our amazing products from local farmers all over the U.S., but this takes Brungot Farms to a new level. Our new subscription service we will now send new, tasty and local goods to your doorstep each month. 

The best part? We want your help too! We search the country’s local farmers markets, bringing the country’s best finds to one central location better known as ”The Brungot Farms HUB.” This brings you local goods at reasonable prices and reduces the cost of getting them shipped to you. Oh, and of course we paired it with something we love to do, give back and do good along the way!

We’ve learned so much since 2014 when we began bringing the best Christmas trees to people in Cedar Park and Austin, Texas area. Our dreams were larger than just Christmas trees, we wanted to bring people high-quality trees at affordable prices while also giving back to the community around us.

Last year we renamed our Operation Christmas Spirit campaign to “Do Good: HOPE for Christmas.”  This rebrand was not just to expand our Christmas outreach, but we were anticipating the launch of the second part of our Do-Good Campaign. HOPE for Food.

HOPE for Food will be a year round effort to support non-profit efforts to provide families with an everyday essential, food on their table. Although we don’t just want food on the table, we want healthy, fresh and local food on families’ tables who need it most. Let’s take out the processing, and just get to simple ingredients,

When asked about his vision for this new project at Brungot Farms, owner Aaron Brungot said,”I believe in being real and transparent, so here is the real truth. When I took two years off after working 16 years in corporate America in 2014 and 2015, it was very eye-opening, and I realized there is so much more to live for. I don’t want to go to work every day, I want my days filled with working because I want to work. I have had this dream for a long time with Christmas trees, and the farm lifestyle. I grew up with these things in northern New Hampshire, and want to return to them and bring my family up in them in the future. We didn’t grow up with words like organic or sustainable, never mind things like paleo or vegan, we grew up with a simple word, FARM.

People ask me why I give so much away, time, products and financial resources that honestly, I am more grateful than I can ever explain with words. I have never hidden the fact that I grew up in a broken home. Did it suck? Oh yes. Here’s the thing, I can make it an excuse or I can make it a driving force behind my passion for change. I choose the latter.”

With passion around fresh, local and farmed goods, we are thrilled to bring you amazing goods from all over the country, while continuing to give back in bigger and better ways!

We need your help!

We want to open a year round location, that is not only “The HUB” for farm and artisanal goods from around the country, but pays homage to farm through the years, building knowledge of farming, and how you don’t have to have hundreds of acres to farm goods. You can farm in your backyard!

We have launched a new and improved website and are working hard as a small team behind the scenes to build out our monthly box subscription service. We don’t just want to bring you the best goods from around the country, but we want to identify, evaluate, and build an inventory. Our dream is to open our very own Urban farm located in the Fall of 2018.

So here’s the thing, these boxes not only give you access to the best products from around the country, your purchase of them, evaluation, feedback, and reviews of the products are essential to building an experience and store location, enabling us to teach families and children more than they will learn in many of the school programs essential living skills, like farming!

Come along this journey with us!
Subscribe to our first box, here!
Any questions or feedback, email us at
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Big things coming in 2018 at Brungot Farms!

Big things coming in 2018 at Brungot Farms! 2

At Brungot Farms, we’ve been recovering from an incredible year in 2017. Not only did we sell out of Christmas trees well before Christmas, but we began selling farm goods, and gave back to many families in our community!

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  • Mallory Lehenbauer
Help us spread H.O.P.E for Christmas!

Help us spread H.O.P.E for Christmas! 0

Young girl checking to see if Santa's beard is realThe H.O.P.E. for Christmas program isn't necessarily a new project for Brungot Farms. Since 2014 we have called this project "Operation Christmas Spirit." In past years, we provided Santa experiences with...Read More
Find Brungot Farms year-round!

Find Brungot Farms year-round! 0

With a few great products, Brungot Farms will not just be around for the holiday season, but year round. We are excited and hope you are too! Moving to a year-round store will take some trial and error and we want to take our customers and friends along with us... Read more! 




  • Mallory Lehenbauer
Why change Brungot Farms to Urban Farm & Market? It’s simple, survival

Why change Brungot Farms to Urban Farm & Market? It’s simple, survival 1

Brungot Farms Website Traffic location

The reception of what we plan to do with the Urban Farm & Market idea has been overwhelming, even with one of the restrictions that we have to only have shelf stable products.

We are having daily conversations with Farms and Crafters from around the country. Just this week someone from Alabama reached out, wanting to participate in the project. If you don’t believe me on the coverage traction, check out this made of where visitors to the website & Blog have come from! ...Read More